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    Welcome to The Global Day of Community Restoration (GDCR), a dynamic movement and campaign dedicated to fostering unity, compassion, and positive change around the world. At GDCR, we believe in the transformative power of collective action and the profound impact that individuals, brands, and influencers can have in shaping a world that thrives on restoration.


    The Global Day of Community Restoration (GDCR) stands as a beacon of collective empowerment, committed to fostering positive, measurable change on a global scale. Observed unwaveringly on the 29th day of every month, our mission is to inspire individuals and communities to actively engage in transformative actions that promote unity, compassion, and healing.


    Guided by the belief that every individual holds the power to effect tangible change, GDCR seeks to harness the collective consciousness towards a shared vision of a harmonious world. In the spirit of holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas, where societies undergo shifts to accommodate messages of love and joy, the GDCR envisions a monthly recalibration of priorities and energies toward communal well-being.


    Our mission is clear:


    1. Cultivate Unity: GDCR aims to dissolve societal divisions by encouraging individuals, organisations, and communities to set aside differences and actively engage in restoring bonds of unity within their homes and localities by observing the GDCR on the 29th day of every month.


    2. Inspire Action: Through the 29th day of every month, GDCR propels individuals to take concrete steps towards positive change, leveraging their influence to foster a collective consciousness that echoes the values of community, love, and peace.


    3. Global Impact: By transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences, GDCR strives for a global impact, envisioning a world where each monthly observance contributes to the cumulative healing and restoration of communities worldwide.


    4. Encourage Reflection: GDCR advocates for introspection, urging participants to reflect on their roles within the interconnected fabric of society, and how their actions contribute to the collective well-being of humanity.


    5. Catalyse Transformation: Guided by the principle that small, intentional acts collectively create significant change, GDCR serves as a catalyst for transformation, propelling individuals and communities toward a more harmonious and compassionate existence.


    The Global Day of Community Restoration invites all individuals, regardless of background or affiliation, to join us in this monthly endeavour. Through purposeful actions on the 29th (12 in total), we aspire to create a ripple effect of positive change, with the ultimate goal of fostering a world where love, unity, and restoration prevail.


    What will you do on the 29th?

    Our Origin Story

    May 5th 2014

    "I went to a meeting the other day – a community meeting aimed at addressing the escalating knife crime issue in our community. Bankera, a concerned resident, was there, and he, along with the scores of people in attendance, were vexed. Another death of a young black boy – someone's child, friend.


    At the meeting, there were so many community organisations, some well-known, all deeply troubled by the grim reality unfolding on our streets. The meeting was intense, tears upon tears. People were so passionate, and the organisations were also passionately advocating for their brand, idea, or initiative. Some were seeking funding for their projects, while others were quick to point fingers at the police. The room was buzzing with logos and slogans, some even streaming it live on Instagram, capturing the traumas of the attendees.


    An hour into the meeting, it became evident that bringing together all these amazing groups was a logistical nightmare, with every brand being an alpha group in its own right. So many logos, too many agendas, and a sense of competition rather than collaboration was clear. It seemed unrealistic to expect these diverse entities to work together seamlessly for a common cause.


    One parent shared, "I feel overwhelmed by all these groups who have the same intention but are very different, yet at the same time, they are the same. I don't know where to turn; you all sound so amazing. Why can't we just have one group?"


    It was Bankera's time to share. He did not want to share his pain or blame the police, and he did not have a business to promote. In a moment of magic, Bankera somehow stumbled upon a simple yet profound solution that elevated the conversation. Bankera had not yet formulated the idea, but what he shared spoke volumes.

    He presented an idea called GDCR (Global Day of Community Restoration).

    Bankera's proposal was so simple but resonated profoundly. He suggested designating a specific day each month, the 29th of every single month, as a global platform for collective community restoration. It was a day that would unite individuals, organisations, and communities in a shared commitment to healing and positive change.


    As Bankera spoke, there was a shift in the room that you could feel. It was as if the air, thick with the weight of grievances and competition, suddenly lifted. GDCR was not about competing brands, funding, or anything; it was about collaboration and unity.

    He started speaking about the power of International Women's Day and Valentine's Day and how they stand as global celebrations.


    "Let the 29th be the catalyst for healing and love, an excuse we've long awaited to restore balance in our lives and communities. Seize this opportunity on the 29th of every single month to mend relationships, extend olive branches, and perform acts of kindness resonating with peace. Let this day be a beacon of positivity, transcending differences and building bridges. Just as we gather for holidays to celebrate, let's call our tribes on the 29th with the collective intention of breaking the cycle. Share your plans, and let the collective energy create a global wave of positivity that transcends borders." - Bankera

    From there, the 29th became a symbolic date, a beacon of hope that everyone could rally around. The magic of Bankera's idea was in its simplicity and inclusivity. It provided a space for every concerned individual, irrespective of their background or affiliation, to contribute to the cause and DO FOR SELF!. GDCR became the bridge that connected all these well-intentioned groups, offering a common ground for them to work towards a shared vision of community restoration.

    The following months saw the birth of a global movement. On the 29th of every month, individuals, communities, and organisations around the world actively participated in GDCR. It wasn't just a day; it was a mindset shift. The 29th became a day of intentional acts of kindness, unity, and community restoration.

    What will you do on the 29th?


  • The Global Day of Community Restoration (GDCR)

    GDCR: Every Month, Every Heart, Every Home.

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    More than a day! It's a MOVE....ment

    Youth Empowerment:

    We place a special emphasis on the youth—the architects of our future. GDCR believes that the actions we take today shape the world that awaits our youth. By creating something special for them, we aim to leave behind a world marked by unity, compassion, and restoration. The youth are not just leaders of tomorrow; they are the stakeholders of today.


    Do For Self

    Communities worldwide, from cities to villages, engage in GDCR in diverse and meaningful ways. Imagine peace education events, intercultural dialogues, collective meditation, community poetry, soccer matches fostering community restoration, and so much more. The 29th is a day marked by positive action and unity.


    How You Can Get Involved

    Whether you're an individual, a brand, or an influencer, your participation matters. GDCR is an open platform transcending boundaries and affiliations. Join us in actively contributing to positive change. Share our mission, organise or participate in events embodying the spirit of community restoration, utilise your influence to spread awareness, and join the conversation using #the29th.


    Shape the Future with Us

    GDCR envisions a future where unity, compassion, and restoration are foundational. Together, let's make the 29th a day that transcends borders, bringing communities together in the pursuit of shared values.


    Thank you for being part of the GDCR movement. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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    Statement of Fact

    The GDCR General Assembly has officially designated the 29th day of each month as The Global Day of Community Restoration. This day is dedicated to commemorating and reinforcing the fundamental values and principles of rejuvenation, both within individual homes and throughout communities.


    The GDCR General Assembly extends a warm invitation to all individuals, charities, community groups, brands, schools, and movements to join us in commemorating this Global Day of Community Restoration. We encourage you to engage in activities on this day that contribute to the amplification and activation of GDCR's objectives and intentions.


    Embracing the ethos of unity, the GDCR General Assembly emphasises the eradication of divisions. Irrespective of your company, brand, or political affiliation, we invite you to participate in restoring love and unity within your homes and local communities on the 29th. Through these small acts, we believe in the power to unite and bring about positive change.


    Take the initiative. What restoration efforts will you undertake on the 29th?

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    Ok - So What Do I Do?

    Rise to the occasion; you're well aware of the multitude of actions that can bring healing to your home, community, and tribe. It's time for you to stand up and take action. Even if your voice wavers when expressing your truth, let it resonate from a place of love and forgiveness.


    You are the catalyst you've been anticipating.


    We implore you to become an ambassador for this cause! Real impact is birthed through embodying change. Let's unite our intentions and collectively manifest the values and aspirations of GDCR on the 29th. Regardless of your background or perspectives, we are calling on humanity to become ambassadors for GDCR on the 29th of every month. It's as simple as taking action on the 29th.


    Support our cause by signing our petition; we aim to gather 2000 signatures to launch our initiative live. Your participation is crucial in making a meaningful impact.

  • Picture This

    Your phone rings, and it's someone you've had a conflict with. Surprisingly, they begin the conversation by saying, "I'm reaching out because it's the 29th. We need to talk about what happened. Can we settle the conflict?"


    In that moment, the power of The Global Day of Community Restoration (GDCR) becomes evident. The 29th is not just a date; it's a catalyst for positive change, a kick-starter for healing and resolution. This person, acknowledging the significance of this day, is using it as an opportunity to mend bridges and move forward.


    GDCR provides a unique platform for individuals to set aside differences, even if just for a moment, and engage in meaningful conversations aimed at resolution. It becomes a shared commitment to restoration, a chance to heal wounds, and an invitation to reconcile.


    In response, you may find yourself open to the conversation, willing to listen, and ready to contribute to the restoration of harmony. The 29th acts as a shared space, transcending personal conflicts and inviting individuals to prioritise understanding and unity.


    By using GDCR as a resolution tool, conflicts can transform into opportunities for growth and understanding. The intentional focus on this specific day allows individuals to move beyond the grievances of the past and work together to create a more harmonious future.


    So, imagine that call on the 29th not as a reminder of discord but as an invitation to participate in a shared commitment to resolution and healing. Let the 29th be the day conflicts are confronted, discussed, and ultimately transformed into opportunities for positive change. What will you do on the 29th?

  • “You have the responsibility to the place you live and the people around you we all do. Only by watching out for each other can we each become our individual best.

    - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 29


  • Our Challenge To You

    The GDCR is a ground-breaking movement that takes place on the 29th of every single month. We challenge you do something to unleash the healing energies that aid towards the transformation of our communities.



    Be clear about what ACTION you will take on the 29th. You can host an event or join someone else's event! We will all be doing the same so you won't be alone.


    Promote the day and encourage others to take part. The 29th is about restoration, healing and doing what we can. Lets take back control.


    Turn your action into a lifestyle. Take action, do something that will improve the state of the community, your home, your tribe, yourself of both. Collaborate with others.


    Global Day of Community Restoration – The 29th of Every Month.
  • "The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth"

    - Unknown


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